Please click on any of the frequently asked questions below to view our answers. For further information and to discuss your specific requirements in more depth, please contact us.

Can I visit the home?

Please just phone first and you are very welcome to come and visit the home, take a tour and talk to the residents if you wish (see contact details in the individual home sections).

What does the accommodation cost?

Costs vary according to location and individual rooms.  Please feel free to discuss costs with the home of your choice either when you phone, or when you come for a visit.

What do costs include?

Accommodation costs include all care and facilities, catering and personal laundry. Some services, such as hairdressing or chiropody (which are usually available in house or can be arranged to your choice) are considered ‘extras’ and would incur a charge, to cover costs. Details are given in our Resident’s Guides.

Is there a place available?

To find out if there is a vacancy, please call and check with the home direct. Occupancy changes, so even if there is not a vacancy at the moment, we can keep details on a waiting list for the future.

Can you provide 'respite' care?

Individuals are warmly welcomed for respite care, as long as we have a room available. The duration of stay is flexible, depending on your needs and circumstances (from a few days to a number of weeks).

Is limited mobility a problem

Our homes are fully equipped to accommodate most levels of mobility, this includes a passenger lift (in all homes), wheelchairs and hoists.

Are there certain times for visitors?

Family and friends are always welcome at a Living Development home, there are no restrictions. Residents are free to entertain in the communal areas or in their own rooms, as preferred. Staff are happy to rearrange the furniture to suit the size of your family – and make tea etc, please just ask.

Own furniture & knick-knacks?

We ensure that all rooms are comfortably and tastefully furnished, however to really make your room ‘home’ your photographs and treasured personal items are welcome.  If you wish to bring your own furnishings, the Manager can help with the arrangements.

May I have a brochure?

Yes – please complete your details on the relevant Contact Form, tick the box requesting a brochure and we will send you one.